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About Essential Change

Our planet and we are suffering in all kinds of ways and it becomes essential that we make a change.

This is why we call our website "essential-change".  We promote a healthy modern lifestyle based on the principles of sustainable living. We promote: permaculture, veganism, raw food, natural health, a healthy psychology and spirituality without the hippie look.

We value this beautiful planet that we live on deeply but we also embrace the solid advancement of science and technology. We feel that those should serve nature instead of opposing it for gain. This website is how we can contribute. It is namely our task and responsibility to come to an essential change.

You can follow, like, share and visit us to show that you agree with what we stand for because you feel the importance of it. You visiting, liking or sharing will make us more visible and trough that more able to share what we stand for with a much larger audience. Also your contributions to our site are more then welcome because we only can make a change if we make it together.

Dealing With Spiritual Change

This article is the answer on question that I got after I posted the former article: "Symptoms of Spiritual Transition", which is about the tell-tale signs that indicate that you are in a process of spirit...

Symptoms Of Spiritual Transition

In talks with friends one specific topic seems to come to the surface, or I notice that it maybe should come up. The key ingredient of this topic is Confusion! And lots of it. And the reason of this confusion? ...


When two people choose to fight inside themselves to regain the harmony of love rather than fighting with each other, then our inner conflicts and objections to the other become our teachers. These teachers nev...

Coping With Loss – The Spiritual Angle

Living life as a journey, in which you travel from consciousness to consciousness, is not always easy. You may find yourself soaring the freedom of liberation at one moment, followed by a thundering crash at th...

Horizontal vs Vertical Consciousness

If you are seeking spiritual awareness then there are two main forms of consciousness to take in account. A horizontal one, and a vertical one. There is a process involved when transitioning from the one to the...

The secret of creative powers

We are connected to the universal creative force through mediation of our soul. By expression through our soul we create harmony within existence. We are able to heal ourselves and others by the pure ...
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