Living life as a journey, in which you travel from consciousness to consciousness, is not always easy. You may find yourself soaring the freedom of liberation at one moment, followed by a thundering crash at the next. It’s quite humbling actually but in many ways pretty essential too.

In this article I will try to outline some observations from my personal experience. I am by no means good at staying clear from the rocky cliffs of life and ever so often I seem to crash pretty hard again, but in this I observe and get humbled in such a way that some of my negative attachments become clearer than they were before.

Vibration levels

What seems to happen, when you live your life in such a way as named before, is that your vibration level rises, which also seems to have an effect on the intensity and speed of your experiences. You are progressively becoming more part of an energy that is of  lighter, faster and clearer frequencies than those belonging to your personal traits and inclinations. This difference in vibrations in your being brings about a conflict between your higher frequencies and your lower ones. Mythologically said: Between the dragon and the maiden.

The dragon and the maiden

The dragon is that old putrid frequency that’s spitting fire of hatred, spite, jealousy and aggression, which is called up in the face of loss. While the maiden is the pure and eternal soul that is completely detached and devoid of anything that this jealous dragon has to offer. That dragon has the strange mythological habit to guard a pot of gold, which is pretty useless for a dragon, but the symbolic reason is that dragons only take for gain while they never spend. This dragon can be interpreted as our greed (which is the same as our desire to hold on to the security of temporal things), while the maiden is kept captive by its clinging attitude, unless a valiant knight happens to enter the scene to kill off this bile filled, fire spitting beast.

The knight

The knight is our observing consciousness and knowledge that is in service of such a princess-maiden, in order to marry her at the end of the story course. That marriage, how romantically it may sound, symbolizes the perfect unity of one-point-directed-consciousness and the heart or soul. Those two are, once the dragon is slain, united in a hiëros gammos. A holy wedding in which one’s soul and ones consciousness come to a perfect balance and harmony.

Our life with this dragon

When our vibration rises in the light of the soul, the old dragon wakes up and crawls from its cave. In a way I believe that such a spiritual progress tends to attract impossible situations that disrupt our  soul-like clear-state-of-mind. Situations seem to come out of nowhere and exactly those that seem to hurt us the deepest. We lose people, jobs, houses, money cars and so on. All things that gave us a reference of security, because we believed we possessed those, so our existence seemed to depend on them. Where it concerns for instance other people, the old foul dragon blames. It’s never us, but them! It blames the other for not seeing us for who we really are, not caring for us as much as we are worth, while the truth is in fact that we don’t know. We don’t know why others leave us. They possibly have other experiences to go through in which we may not be the right company. And the same counts our job. We may lose our job and we seem to become deeply frustrated because we invested so much time and energy in it, while now we are put aside, feeling personally rejected while the reasons might be purely impersonal. But still we tend to become disdain and filled with spite and hatred towards our boss or company because we feel personally attacked and rejected.

In such situations you may experience a bumpy ride on the scaly back of our dragon, or worse, you may even become so strongly identified with your problem that you even may end up being the dragon itself. Kicking and hitting against the perpetrator feeling victimized and rejected and making that clear by spitting bile and fire in forms like slander and complaints.

Knight consciousness

You may also be the knight. The observer that sees your own far from perfect behavior. That sees that the only thing that you seem to be doing is lighting new fires by spitting your bile filled fire. The knight observes that there is only one way to deal with losses elegantly and that is by fully accepting them and their consequences. Not by fighting the dragon but by calmly ignoring its fangs and fire and stabbing it to death with no effort at all.

The observing knight will probably see that this dragon is a very tricky beast. It tends to fling you into worrying and thinking with no end to it. It will fill you with perpetuated why-questions to which you will never receive clear answers. The knight that sees this will feel that there is only one solution and that is to stop this negatively charged thinking-spiral that perpetuates itself downwards in endless successions. By refraining from these thoughts that absorb all of your energy and attention, energy and attention that you could use constructively if it only were directed positively.

When your perspective is coming from this state of consciousness then you may understand that the other one might have had no other choice but rejecting you. Maybe he or she is reacting from his or her own draconian state of consciousness or maybe they had a good reason for denying and avoiding you. Whatever the reason is, it may also help them to see their situation from a clearer perspective when you don’t react from our own draconian consciousness yourself (as they most obviously will expect you do) but from the maiden one. If we are bright and free as daylight ourselves without pointing any form of blame, then our neutral and caring reaction might make it easier for the other to be accepting again because the situation becomes neutralized.

Holy marriage

Being in that state of consciousness means that you are married to the maiden. Personally I can say that I have been through a number of divorces with my personal soul-maiden too. Failing faithful reactions from her non-detached conscious at those moments when that sneaky dragon  attacked me again from some hidden cave, just at that moment that I was the least prepared. And so I rode it, became it and fought it again (and this will undoubtedly happen again too) until it became clear to me once again how I fooled myself and how small and hurt my reactions were again. And so we lose and grow by becoming less.

At the end we all suffer losses at times, but people who’s life is such a journey like the one I started this article with, seem to meet more losses than others. But there can be a great blessing resulting from those losses and that is: Less ballast every time while being riper and wiser than before, less easily fooled by that old greedy dragon, at least for the time being.

Our movements in harmony with the soul brings about a wonderful state of being and has a great revealing effect. We move freely and detached from anything, but through its influence the attachments that are still present in our system will be aggravated. Trough this we will experience the deepest soul scorching pains, because detachment comes with pain, but know that these pains and confusion are necessary for us to see how and where we are stuck. It is in namely in your reactions to your losses, small ones and big ones, that you see how and where you are attached.


Detaching never has to do with fighting but has to do with surrendering, that which is bothering you, to the deep saturated tranquility of the soul itself. Giving the soul in you space instead of spite, because there is only space in your heart for one of both. By doing so you’ll heighten your insight and vibration further until you crash again of course. And it will only be after you bounced back from your crash that you really will be able to see the stupidity of your latest reactions again. Don’t hang in that either. Neither in self-pity. Just observe and try not to react to your feelings of spite, disappointment and misery and you will be out of your feeling of loss and misery in no time. 

Living your life as such an observer, keeping neutral despite the hard times you are facing, will make you rich. Not by possessions but by insight and by the riches that are the pure, radiant and clear soul by itself.


Image: Paolo Uccello: San Giorgio e il Dragone (click image to enlarge)

  • The waning moon denotes a change. A leaving of the old with the new to come. Detachment.
  • The wings of the dragon show different patterns, expressing the duality of the fierce matter.
  • The spiraling dense clouds expressing storm in the personality and the spiraling thoughts that fill the mind.
  • The maiden is chained to the dragon from her right wrist, the hand that stands for expression. She’s not able to express her soul-nature.
  • The maidens green undergarment stands for growth. The red in this case is the color of purified blood like in the Alchemical Rubedo-stage.
  • The cave is our heart
  • The knight is st. George. he is slaying/stabbing the dragon with a lance, standing for one-pointed directed consciousness

Article by: Douwe Boschma

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