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The Spirit of Creation

The creative spirit may pass trough us as a stream of inspiration. Simultaneously passing our non-resisting mind and emotions, making them resonate with its energy and frequency. And as our mind and emotions resonate with this creative spirit, its hidden blueprints are revealed to us by its expression into form.

So the creative spirit is ultimately a dynamic manifestation of the formless that expresses itself into form. Touching us and others by the signature of that formless and ever creating stream. That is the origin an essence of Alchemy, Gnosis, Hermeticism, Tao, many myths, and it is also the original meaning of magic.

This experience of creation brings us to a state of being which is ultimately beyond being and by which we become part of creation.


True inspiration is totally untouched by personality-based thoughts and ideas. It is like an unborn power but yet it is born by expression. It is the thought that is not thought but that just arises in our thinking. It is the movement that s not premeditated but spontaneous. It is the word that arises by itself, but inspired as spoken by someone else. It is not unlike a beautiful reflection in water. We see it and enjoy it but we don’t touch it because touching would disturb the beautiful image. It is by itself and enjoyed as if it is as a scene that passes by and is enjoyed as it passes.

This kind of inspiration creates only that which is truthful, fruitful and real. It is limitless, unrefined and undefined. It is like love but without definition to love and to wisdom without making it flat and external like a philosophy or religion. There is also a realization in it that says that there can’t be an ownership. The only thing that is possible in it is to be part of a simple stream of existence which is real…

That is the real… But there is also an unreal. A situation that the Buddhist called the illusionary world.


In the bible, to be more precise in revelations 13: 15–18 we find mention of the number 666. The number 6 is our world. Six symbolizes our feelings and emotions and being devoid of creative inspiration.

There are namely 6 directions, left, right, behind, in front, above and below… And all of those are measurable and subjects of time and space. They depict this world and cosmos, but in its mechanical sense without any original driving force…

There are three of those sixes. In us these three depict 1. our thinking, 2. our emotions and 3. our body that are governed by the stimuli of this three dimensional world. They are purely mechanical and reactive and governed by cause and effect.

So that is the meaning of the beast. The beast is our tendency of being governed by the impulses from the future and the past and our reactions to those keep it alive. That beast, that pure reactive and causal state of being devoid of soul. It is totally empty. It is powered by fear, vanity and pride and the like that create prison upon prison and not by inspiration that is the ultimate source of freedom.

But it also has a revealing factor because nothing under its power will be permanent so it continuously succumbs to itself.


The true spirit of creation of our 1st paragraph isn’t subjected to those impulses. It is a creative power that purely flows on its own. It is the original driving power of creation that is cabalistically expressed by the number 7 and that is also found in the dumber of days of creation and in the cabalistic number of 777.

It is very doubtful that the ultimate creative power has created this world in 7 days because it is ever creating.  The world would end if that creation stopped.

Living out of that 7th, out of that creative essence, makes you part of that continuous creation in a way that never will be experienced by someone who is only governed by 666, because they are basically cut off from the source and they will neither understand what other motivation there could be than those impulses we receive from fear, greed, envy, wrath and so forth. Those are the sole dynamics that keeps the three worlds of 6 in motion.

The biblical liberation is therefore based on a life that regenerates and re-creates by being part of that eternal stream of inspiration and by becoming whole in that 7th element.

The number of man

When return to revelations then we find 144.000 that are chosen out go to heaven. This is not an exact number of people but a numerological symbol, symbolizing original man. The אדם, ADM (Adam) counts up to 144. In the Cabala the letter א (A) counts as 1, the letter ד (D) as 4 while the letter ם (M) as 40. With that the number 144 symbolizes the original man that is part of those three fields of experience, expressed by the three zeros, namely the body, emotions and mind. The actions (body), senses (emotions) and thoughts (mind) of such a free man are completely free and inspired. They are unburdened. And thus this is the man that tastes no death when death comes, because he died before he died and became resurrected in the 7. He tastes only life as he only eats from the biblical tree of life, which is the womb and the center from which all creation sprouts forth as in a continuous birth.

To this kind of fee man there is no primary importance to causal forms, so there is no judgment. If there is judgment in such a man then this person is in a process in which one becomes progressively less burdened by the causal world of 6.

Freedom between people

Between people this inspired, creative freedom is an amazing factor. It excludes no one and includes all. There is only a free flow and movement that is creatively creating in the moment as if sailing on the sails of the spirit. This sailing is experienced as a true freedom, that is pure and open so that others can move trough you and with you without any demands, inspiring them as you are inspired.


The road towards this experience is one of many trials because none of us came here programmed to react in that moment and only on that subtle stream of inspiration. We are born and swiftly programmed to react on all kinds of fear and doubts. So there is a transition needed, a spiritual detox in which the old reactions and habits die off slowly to make place for new ones.

This comes with many fights in which we have to make things right in such a way that we can reconnect unburdened. Our fights will undoubtedly come with rewards as knowledge, harmony and a stronger foothold in that 7th.

Progressively we dissolve all which hinders us and we grow up more and more to be part of that free inspirational flow which is the ultimate key to freedom. We may experience this solo, for ourselves, but also in and with others and in and with the whole of creation that continuously sings.

Article by: Douwe Boschma

Image: “Adam Kadmon” from “The Tree Of Life” by Israel Regardie

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