There is a secret code hidden within our lives. One that ties us together, no matter our race, religion, or culture. This code will, if followed, lead us to a state where love, compassion and clarity are the main rulers of our lives.

So no matter who you are, where you are from, what your history is, or what your problems, joys or your passions are, in essence, in our essence, within that secret code, you no different than anybody else. 

We all have our unique mind and individuality. And that is as beautiful as that is lonely. Even when we try to find others like us or a group that suits us, we will always be someone unique. We will always feel separated in everything and everyone. Even when we seek others, a connection that is real, we will always have our very own challenges to overcome. But at the other hand, in that separation we also have our unique talents and capacities. We have the ability to passion and compassion. We are driven by an invisible force that forces us towards beauty and towards a knowledge that defeats separation. Our talents are opportunities. No talent can come to its fullest potential if we allow all ingredients that cause separation to come between our pure expression and our inability of that expression that we seek. Also in relationships with others we are driven towards solving conflicts. Conflicts only arise because of our separation. We only resolve them when we pull a little back from our separation. And the more we pull back, the lesser the conflicts become.  And that is the beauty of life.

Life is forced by creativity. All of it. It is forced to bloom, and life by the pure expression of love and harmony and growth is what we all seek. The whole of creation is pushed by it. It moves by it, it is the moving power behind all things. And all of that moving power is also part of you and you are part of it. There is an intimate connection of this forcing power of beauty and growth of us all. It is not even within us. It is not even a hidden power. It is there as the ultimate cause of all our disturbed actions that get pushed in overdrive, disturbance and depression because we limit its own free force in being in accordance with its free expression. We constantly imprison our purest form of expression while this purest form of expression is aching to come to the surface. It drives us to seek love and companionship while we are unable to really stand in it. 

In the start it only confuses us. We have no clue what it tries to tell us until we start to get an inkling of it and so we start to change. We start to change our hardened sides. We start to give space in order to come to that unity and true fulfillment that we seek. No matter how limited we are in it, we turn ourselves towards it. Initially unknowingly but later, by recognizing it we start to seek it intentionally. We seek groups that we feel we belong to and people that resonate with our personal tendencies. In those we find our limits too and so we find new groups and new people. Friends come and go and people and groups come and go. Interests come and go as well. Always inspiring for a bit at the beginning and then meeting a limit in an inner conflict with it. No matter what we do, it always ends in conflict. No matter how subtle, our initial fresh enthusiasm makes eventually place for bitterness and frustration. It places us in conflict with others unless we cut ourselves away from those conflicts.

And so we are pushed by this driving force of creation. Even though we are completely blind for it. It is always there in its fullest possible expression. Whether we see it or not.

In the next phase we really start to really follow it. We don’t follow any group any longer even though we can be part of any group that personally resonates with us. We can be with any person that resonates with us. We only stop reacting to the separated dynamics of the group. We overcome them in ourselves as we resolve the conflict within ourselves and our separation with others. When we start looking at our own standing with real honesty then we start to change for real. All the former changes have been unconscious and subconscious and now our change becomes conscious and the code that once was hidden becomes visible. We start to work with ourselves in first place before we start to work on situations. We prioritize our own standing in any situation and by that every situation we are in becomes our teacher. 

That focus will reveal things to us. It will reveal how our conflicts resolve as by themselves when we resolve them within ourselves.

We start to care more about everything that is around us and our passions become clearer. Passions and compassions go hand in hand. We connect stronger to nature. We start to appreciate its beauty and power. We start to love animals stronger because they are our friends and also because they are our teachers too. Animals only thrive on our love while hey don’t demand anything back but love and attention.  When we give them love then they thrive and it fills us with gladness and a connection to those animals and even all animals. It becomes also clear how fantastic nature is. Nature is natural and thriving and when we can connect to it by gardening or other passions then we really connect with the essence of its creative power. It fills us and it places us in the moment that just is. We can experience the same when making art or music. We say that those things are our therapies and they truly are. Those are the best therapies. Like with being with animals, making music, or art, or gardening, or observing nature. Or when sitting on a beach, watching a sunset from a mountaintop. We find amazement and beauty in a flower and in a view, in a connection and in a creative flow and those heal us from the inside out.

Like that we will find the most powerful beauty revealed. One that is of an eternal and indestructible nature.  It is driven by the power of creation driving through us. And through that power, purity, unity and eternity express themselves and they grow stronger and stronger into an indestructible form. They come together like a radiant gem. 

Each time we connect in a true and honest way to anything we do or with anyone we meet we create a space in us that is like a gemstone. It grows stronger and more radiant by the day. It’s power reveals itself more, the more we seek communion with it. And as we seek communion we notice even further what our task is and how we need to change. We notice the absolute necessity of relentless honesty and dedication to anything we do. And we notice the power of creativity and beauty grow stronger and more free with each step we take. We notice that every separating though makes its power decline while its power gains in radiance when we admit ourselves to it by following it. And following that becomes a dedication to the radiant stone within us. It becomes like a shining star that leads us, the compass that demands our fullest attention to it. Because we know the consequences when we go off course and we know the glory, the clarity and beauty of the non-separation that we are connected to if we don’t.

By living so. By creating space for beauty and honesty that’s in every moment, we become no floating spiritualists but grounded realists that are touched by the essence of this creation. We are touched and we let its essence recreate us towards its pure essence of being. We express through it in every moment of our existence that is weightless, harmless, healing, loving, touching. We have humility in our hearts and honesty in our words even though we can have a big mouth and a fantastic laughter. We are as free as we are honest and humble and we are as radiant as we are loving and caring. All essential elements of creation. We don’t daydream any longer, we don’t fantasize, but we are… We become simplicity even though we are extremely complex for others that wonder what it is that drives us. We also stop judging. For one because we are no better ourselves. Also, because we see everyone struggle with their own separation. We feel a very deep empathy for them instead. 

And by that that we also become a correcting force in nature. 

In that radiance and simplicity there is nothing else but a space and a freedom that touches everyone it meets. It’s touching all hearts while it confronts the behavior of the people it meets. It makes them meet compassion and the truth that’s part of it in its clarity and realism. It drives to self-reflection of others too, either willingly or unwillingly. 

By tending to that natural purity that streams forth from within, while we also find it without in nature, in art, in our passions and in other people we change for real. We become less weighed down by unessential things while we seek or connect to the essential. We come to a change that is essential. An essential change that is connected to our essence and to the essence of creation itself and we see its expression in everything and despite our limited forms we are its expression itself.

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