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There is a stillness that we all know about. A stillness that we breathe when we have stopped thinking, a stillness that is just “us” when we are filled with wonder. Wonder of the moment.

Children are full of wonder. To them there is no other moment than the now. They have no idea of time, because they are not linearly aligned but spatially. To them life is full of magic. Anything is possible to them and anything can be beautiful. But children grow up and start to get mixed up in a linear mode of thinking. They start to recognize things more and more. They discover patterns and patterns become anchors and those anchors turn into obstructions and obstructions turn into a prison over time. That child that once was so free, that child that you once were, got stuck in a web of myriads of experiences and reactions sprouting forth from all those observations. The childlike nature, the freedom and passion of the moment slowly died.

Even though we became linearly aligned, we seem to have a deep-seated memory of that free nature and everybody seems to be looking for that silence in the moment. We turn on the tv and sit in silent emptiness. We try to find forgetfulness on this linear horizontal field of feeling and thinking.

This world has often been compared with a treadmill, and how accurate is that! Is it even possible to escape? Not to think for one moment? Not to react for one moment? Is it possible to look at the sunrise and just take part in the experience without any thought or conclusion? Can we see something happen around you and just be fulfilled with happiness without any conclusion? Of course you can because it is part of you. You were born with it so how could that be gone? You just forgot to use that “muscle”. That “moment muscle”.

Apart from that latent “moment muscle” you have developed something else. You have developed a linear way of thinking that needs to be redirected if we want to regain this experience of fullness in the moment.

Our linear way of thinking is usually connected to our wishes and fears and those we need to step beyond. How can we do that with that linear way of thinking that we have developed? By witnessing it. Through this new way of observing we start to see the patterns of our behavior, we start to notice the prison that we are caught in and we start to find our way out.

We will never be as children again because we have fully enveloped minds, but with that mind something amazing can happen. Instead of being totally submitted to the treadmill of our thinking, our thinking can be submitted to the moment. It seizes to think and only observes and notices without concluding. The mind can become the observer, free and non conclusive. Your mind becomes the one that sees while you are the one that experiences and both work together. You become one with the amazement of the moment and you are able to express it.

Behind this linear horizontal life there is a life that is wholly different. It follows completely different set of laws. There is no attraction and no reaction. There is unity inside of unity. There is unity reacting to unity. There the seeds of life are being sown, nurtured and harvested.

Imagine it being a vacuum (emptiness) compared to the plenum (fullness and pressure). This is a nothing that is so vibrant and so alive that it totally subdues every inclination that we have to maintain our linear way of thinking. We just lose the inclination to lie and to argue because that just keeps the perpetual motion in motion. It just keeps that wheel turning while we know something that is so different. Something that bursts of beauty just by itself.

Do you know that feeling of absolute beauty? That feeling of total fulfillment by something? You may have experienced it while in being in love. That moment may have engulfed you totally, becoming a reality as if it were inside of an eternity. The feeling felt as if would never be able to end. But still it did. That’s what I am talking about. That feeling and that moment but then without a specific experience that lifts up the heart until it overflows of joy.

Those moments that you experience in love, in music maybe, maybe in art or nature. Those are conditionally and temporally. Those are connected to a happening. That other joy and love is not that. It is just complete by itself. There is no reason for it, it just “is”, and by that it is non-conditional and eternal.

You are looking for happiness, you are looking for silence but you have no clue where to look, so happiness you find in situations and silence too. You turn on the tv to silence your mind. But with what? You fill your glass with happiness. Happiness of what? It’s like looking for a fix of temporal joy and silence.

How to become the experiencer of that all-encompassing fullness and beauty? By observing yourself and by being inspired by that world the mystics and the poets talked about. The world that Christ called «I am in this world but not of it.» Let’s look shortly at that to see that it is not something new.

Observing yourself is like John the Baptist in the bible. Seeing how you are stuck, understanding the trap of life and then climbing to a new phase.

John the Baptist is the seeker in you. It is the consciousness of the observer or the observing mind. And as soon as it truly sees its nature it needs to make way for a new consciousness. And that is the Christ-consciousness. John is beheaded, so symbolically the linear way of thinking is gone…

Virgil joins Dante through hell and purgatory all the way to paradise. Explaining all experiences giving insight in the mechanisms of the trap of life, but at the end it is Beatrice, the eternal love-aspect, that leads Dante into Heaven and Virgil stays behind because there is no place in heaven for his linear way of observing and concluding.

Or it is like the Faust character, penned by Goethe. Faust overate on the tree of knowledge and becomes a seeker like you are a seeker. Faust makes a pact with a demon (Mephistopheles, who’s name means “negation of light and love”) and comes to deep understanding of nature by observation and enters the eternal, leaving Mephistopheles behind.

This same pattern you find in all religions. 1. The coming to understanding. 2. The experiencing, learning and insight. 3. The departure.

These are universal dynamics, so these themes are found everywhere.

Think about all the trials and tribulations of Jesus before he became the Christ? Or the Buddha? It follows the same patterns. Or think for example about the trials where Percival had to go through before he could see how wounded the Fisher King (Christ) was, after which he was able to restore the Fisher King’s former health and glory.

This theme is everywhere. It is beautiful to find fragments of these in literature, movies and myths and in mystic, hermetic, platonic and gnostic literature, and to find it in all religions, but the main point is not to find it in those but to find its signature in yourself.

Being part of that new consciousness is being a part of eternity. Being in that consciousness is like being immortal. There is no death because you live out of a completely different sphere. You don’t eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil no longer because you overate on it and have seen it for what it is, so you start to eat progressively more from the other tree, that source of all that is life.

Did you ever wonder why life is? Where life comes from? That is where life comes from. It is here to maintain us, to enable us to experience Life as being beyond being.

This is also the meaning of being reborn. It is also the true meaning of baptism. It’s the baptism in the eternally flowing stream of life symbolized by the Jordan. A dove, the pure thinking, hovering above the head of Jesus, the seeker, symbolizing the pure thinking, the open crown chakra, after which Jesus was called Christ.

I have a hard time concluding with this because there is so much more to tell. But what I really want to urge you to do is to start to be a witness of your actions without being a judge, and that you try to silence your mind. You can do that in any way that suits you. Meditation, reading things that lifts the heart instead of the mind, prayer, yoga, finding nature, playing football, driving a car what ever works for you without filling your mind with new impulses (like tv). There is really no better or worse method. There is only one way and that is your way but the final result will be the same. Living out of that other consciousness that is able to turn this world into an Utopia because you no longer fight each other but only yourself in finding a solution in overcoming yourself. This kind of fight would be to my idea be the only way to world peace.

by Douwe Boschma.

Image: wood engraving “Flammarion” from L’atmosphère: météorologie populaire

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