Excerpts of Love

You need nutrients that fulfil you with the true sweetness of love, so that it will move you upwards,  reaching out to the sun just like a flower does, but then reaching out in joy to the eternal sun of the soul that you are. All through love, in love and off love.

When you water a plant then it grows. Water is to the plant like love given grace. It loves water because without it, it can be thirsty to the brink of death. But the more thirsty it is, the faster and stronger it grows until it flowers in its own grace. This plant defies even the most impossible conditions by only a couple drops of water reaching its seed. To it, it is the grace of love that makes the seed grow, it is the love for water and the abundance of it that makes it grow, just like we all grow when we are fulfilled by love. We grow bigger than ourselves through love, and we become radiant and abundant when we are love.

Love is the only thing that is. It is love that pulls the sprout from a seed in a longing for the sun, and it is love that pulls you out of your deep sleep or slumber towards the light of your soul. It’s only love that leads you along the thorns while you are looking for roses. It’s only love that makes you accept the pain of the thorns because it is by the scent that you are fulfilled. And that scent of love leads you onwards until you finally arrive there where there is nothing left but the purest essence of love of which you have become an expression. You are a well.

It is through that well of love that we should make everything blossom around us in the simplest of ways. Of being together for real as we are there with our dearest brothers and sisters. Nothing made up by mind, nor imagined by feelings, but just simply being there without even mentioning any kind of convincing spirituality. Love, care and attention is a language that everybody understands and those speak louder than words. That is a language that only the soul can understand and one that the soul will respond to. 

It can seem a daunting task to connect to that freedom of love sometimes, it seems to flutter, come and go. What will help is to start looking for two things inside and outside of yourself. Start looking for both “Love” and “Truth”. Love will lead you your way while Truth will enable you to discern truth from falsehood, soul from ego. By seeing that ego for what it is your soul is prevailing by love. You will catch on to that prevailing love stronger with each day that passes until you actually start wondering what all that fuzz was about, because the only thing you see is that all is full of love. 

Actually, just forget all the above. Most of it is probably very dreamy and inspiring, but what’s better is to stay connected to that love and work with it, at some point you will see, and be part, of an abundance of love overflowing, everywhere you look, touch and everywhere you go. Love leads your thoughts, emotions and actions straight until your heart is only directed to the sun, spreading its scent for others. By being simple, caring and especially by being happy and fun.

So now you can also actually forget that too, it’s only theory for as long it is not practice. So you could actually do love some bigger favour than dreaming about it, spread some of it in the most selfless way to the very next first person you’ll meet after reading this and keep it there for as long as that person is in your life and see what that does. Or just pick someone you need to resolve an issue with. See what you love in that person even if you can’t see it straight, appreciate what you see, because it is there, and just see what happens when you look at that instead of all your issues. Why not just experience its transformative powers for real? 

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