Yesterday evening I sat down for myself to create a list with my personal beliefs and insights on living. These are all points that I personally have learned to live by for myself, or at least I try to live by those, because I have learned to appreciate their value. They are not abstract concepts to me but greater values.

So all points that you can read below are bench tested to the extreme (because stupidity is a very stubborn condition 😉 ) and maybe they might be helpful to others as well. So I’ll post this as some sort of “heads up” with maybe some inspirational points in case they make any sense to you.

I’ll also try to explain the effect of most of these points. I can expand if anyone feels the need to explore one deeper with me. Just send me a messge as contact with like minded people is always valuable.

All these points have come from my personal insight. They are placed in random order. 

  1. Be honest. Be honest to yourself and to others. Do not accept dishonesty from yourself in any direction. Neither accept dishonesty from others. By always rejecting dishonesty from anyone you will come across people that are honest and recognise them as being of your kind.
  2. Be an observer of your passions and dreams. Let your observation conclude the course of your passions and dreams. Passions and dreams are great energies that we should use if an opportunity opens in the right way. Passions and dreams are a destructive pathway to hard self realisation until the «observer» is in place.
  3. Always assess your life and deeds to look at its values, scrutinise yourself. Take an objective and honest look at where you stand and what you do. What the consequences of your actions are and whether those consequences are positive or morally questionable. 
  4. Be careful not to abuse any of your powers. We all have some sort of power. Either inside of our family, job, or socially, economically, personally, spiritually and so on. Abusing your power in any kind of way will corrupt you because you are to be held responsible for outcomes that you don’t want to be held responsible for so you become avoidant to responsibility and a by that a very reckless danger to others.
  5. Work diligently to untangle all conflicts in your life. Personally, economically, mentally, emotionally… And so on… If your life is devoid of any conflict then your mind doesn’t need to be on alert all the time as if it is waiting for some unseen attack. If you untangle conflicts in all situations then you will lose fear for unseen reprisal and gain mental and emotional ease.
  6. Avoid all negative attitudes by either not reacting to them or avoiding them, or by confronting them if needed. The only aim is refrain from feeding negative attitudes if met. Feeding someone else’s negative attitudes means connecting to them, during which you lower your vibration. If you avoid all negative attitudes in your life then you are protecting your personal vibration which gets the chance to become like a vessel that doesn’t spill and in which great development and clear insight is possible.
  7. Don’t follow negative structures and patterns. Any negative structure or pattern in life needs to be undone. A job that is not good for you needs to go. A relationship that isn’t right for you needs to go. The company you own. Family that burdens you too heavy to handle. Those all need  to be abandoned, or at least the investment in them has to be kept to a minimal. Abandonment of a negative influences is very hard, but seen from another angle they aren’t sacrifices but blessings because they enable you to regain your freedom and give you a chance to restructure all structures to more positive forms. It will happen dat many formerly negative structures will transform into healthy and positive structures after abandonment of its negative aspects. This happens through a process of reassessing what is valuable, honest and real and holding on to that.
  8. Don’t create any new negative structures and patterns. Abandon as soon as you notice a negative structure or pattern is built. It is great to land on those sometimes because they give us new insights, but don’t build a nest. 
  9. Follow positive structures and patterns. Honest people will come on your path by diligently avoiding the dishonest ones. And by this you will create positive structures around you. Structures in which you can express yourself freely and in which you can be true to your essence.
  10. Approach everyone with the same attitude. No matter their religion, job, level of fame, skin colour, political belief and so on… People are not their religion, job, level of fame, skin colour, political belief… People are individuals. All come with individual needs, wishes, frustrations, strengths and weaknesses. Really no one is better or worse than anyone else. Everybody sows and everybody reaps what he or she sows (until one stops sowing). Finding a personal connection with someone, past all those cultural, religious, sexual and racial differences, will further their development and your own as both see a human past all that which is a seldom thing.
  11. Do not preach to convince someone or defend your point of view, no matter how right you believe you are. By refraining from doing so you will avoid all conflicts which are stress factors that stand you in the way of having a clear mind and clear feelings. If you don’t preach or defend your point then you will create the overview that gives great clarity of mind. Being free from conflict lead to clarity while conflict leads to confusion. If you defend your position then you will be bound to that position statically. You become the goon of your own position. There is no escape from that position unless you stop defending it or stop preaching out of its name. This is also why it is advisable to leave any church or group that is based on a static value system. All what is valued is weighed and becomes part if internal business dealings of the organisation. True values come from insights, not from teachings.
  12. Be an example. You won’t offend anyone by being an example. While being a preacher of our point of view offends as the other person doesn’t feel understood or respected for what is valuable to them. By not seeking conflict but by being an example of your own personal views you will take away the impulse from the other person to defend their differing position which will give room for inspiring them.
  13. Be yourself in any given situation or at least strive to be. Not being yourself means that you are being dishonest to others. If you are honest then you are open and showing your real face. So it is important practice to be open and honest in all situations and at all times. Preferably in a gentle way that avoids conflicts. 
  14. Practice silence. Having an attitude that refrains from defending your position means that you are practicing silence in situations where you disagree. Being silent about your position will not only avoid conflicts but silence also tends to confront the other person with their own belief system which is clearly different from yours. This leads them to assess their position by themselves rather than that you confront them with it. More growth will come from that.
  15. Show empathy when anyone is in real need and give them real help without needing something in return. Empathy opens people up for a strong connection through which it is possible to help very effectively. Only watch out for the people you have shown empathy to. They have the tendency to become your followers which makes them forget that they carry their own responsibility for their happiness.
  16. Avoid involvement with “followers”. If you are getting involved with people that suddenly follow you, then you have to lead. And in order to lead you have to follow them. These followers will never be on your level of clarity and insight so you will need to lower your vibration in order to be understood. This will turn you into a goon of what they are able to see and you will be creating a religion that you are aiming to avoid. By creating such a tight situation you will be involved in all the intrigues that play in their lives and they will not develop on their own if they are avoiding their responsibility. Followers who are enslaved by some of your ideas will never develop beyond that idea unless the bond is broken. So its best to avoid those bonds to start with. Rather find spiritual existentialistic realists equals to bond with.
  17. Be objective and realistic. Always be objective and realistic which is part of the first point on total honesty.
  18. If you must follow a religion follow purity. By following your purity you fulfil all goals set in any religion.

Neither of these points are commandments. They are not points but pointers that are advisable if they can apply. Not taking them in consideration will lead to certain consequences, but those consequences will automatically become the teachers that bring new attitudes that avoid future consequences. Just stay aware… 

Featured image: Hieronymus Bosch: The Wayfarer, circa 1500–1510

This picture depicts a traveler, wayfarer, leaving the world behind, moving forwards, wounded but determined. 

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