If you are seeking spiritual awareness then there are two main forms of consciousness to take in account. A horizontal one, and a vertical one. There is a process involved when transitioning from the one to the other and that is what I would like to address today.

Horizontal consciousness

Horizontal consciousness is subjected to the world of action and reaction. It is heavily steered by emotional life. It is seated on the plane of desire. Actions and reactions are perpetuated infinitely. It is the essence of this world of this creation.

Of course there is something good in it, and that is that it gives us through seeing things in their polarities the ability of recognition and learning. This dual action is biblically called the tree of good and evil.

Vertical consciousness

The other consciousness can be labeled vertical. It is free from such an action and reaction as in the horizontal one. It is unifying and flowing in character. It is silent and it is free. In the bible this type of consciousness is called the tree of life, because within this type of conscious there is no birth or death, but only life in its purest, most energetic and most creative form.


We all have both types striving within ourselves. The vertical form breaks through every now and again when we are present in the moment. But the horizontal form is what we are largely made of. So our tendency to get swept away in a world of actions and reactions is large, unless we break the connection by meditation and by leading a different way of life. 

What can change is that we can start using the vertical consciousness as a compass. Seeking the silence and moment of the vertical consciousness will cause the endless perpetuated waves of the horizontal consciousness to come to rest. 


In this process the other consciousness breaks through as a dawn that rises higher and higher through mindful concentration until it reaches the zenith of consciousness, which is the complete freedom, clarity and silence of the mind.

Mindful observation of your personal processes and reactions will give insight in the nature of the horizontal consciousness and enable you to navigate around its cliffs.

The process

In biblical terms this process is symbolized by the cross of which the horizontal and vertical beams are crossed with each other and by which the death to old dualistic and horizontal nature is accomplished in a crucifixion. After this crucifixion there is a breakthrough, a resurrection, which is a redirection from the horizontal causal consciousness to the pure vertical omnipresent consciousness. Freed from action and reaction as expressed in the bible: In this world but not of this world.

From that moment on one receives his astral nutrition by eating from the tree of life instead of eating from the tree of good and evil. The chakras start to change direction and cells of the body change from a horizontal to a vertical polarity.


In-between there is a part of the process in which one has no other choice than to eat from both trees. At this stage one is in a no-mans-land. This process is one of a slow crucifixion, because one receives less and less room to move. One becomes progressively less able to react to the world of action and reaction like before and becomes bound to this cross where, from staying centered, the crown chakra will open up fully creating a lasting connection with the vertical energies. It might be interesting to know that golgotha (גּלגּלת) means in Aramaic “The place of the scull”, which can be interpreted as the crown chakra. גּלגּלת (golgotha) is derived from גִּלְגָּל (gilgal) which means circle or rotation (this horizontal world as the wheel of life and death). The meaning of the letter ת is “cross”, depicting crucifixion of consciousness. In this way a deeper meaning has been coded in the biblical story of the crucifixion.

A new life

Crucifixion is a process in which one becomes unable to react to the causal world as before. Through this “immovability” a new consciousness will dawn slowly and become more part of daily life over time.

Not only old consciousness-patterns will slip away, but also more tangible things on the horizontal line. It is likely that several aspects of the usual daily life will fall and make way for new aspects. This can manifest itself in new jobs, housing, friendships and relationships that are more suitable to this new consciousness. Things that obstruct the breakthrough and life in this new consciousness often disappear progressively by them selves or out of a felt necessity in an often painful process. This counts of course not for all aspects of life and this is neither a process that can be anticipated or understood. It will manifest itself out of the horizontal blue. This whole process of crucifixion/ change is not unlike the breaking down of the temple in three days after which it is being built up again by the new consciousness (John 2:19).

All of this is a process. Where it is painful there it is so because of the tearing down of the horizontal consciousness and its clinging attachments. Where it is joyous it is joyous because of the vertical consciousness and detachment which becomes a completely different form of attachment within the vertical consciousness.

In short, someone living from the essence of the vertical consciousness slowly shifts to a totally new way of life. A way of life that is in the moment, in tis world but not of this world, in perfect harmony and in eternal bliss.

 by Douwe Boschma.

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