When two people choose to fight inside themselves to regain the harmony of love rather than fighting with each other, then our inner conflicts and objections to the other become our teachers. These teachers never fail to unveil our own spiteful and doubtful ways of being, but for love we are able to change.

In the ongoing fight for love all our conflicts can dissolve while harmony can be won like a true prize that can’t be lost, because the love was of a greater value to us than our conflict and spite. It was simply more important than our ego.

Love lost is always a lesson lost because we closed our eyes towards our own mistakes while opening them to those of the other.

Winning with love means always that there is a lesson won in which we ourselves become less while our love becomes more. More in strength, more vibrant and more stable. We start forgiving instead of blaming and we start caring because our love is worth so much more than our conflict. We choose solutions in which we change, instead of choosing spite and blame, simply because we carry our deepest feelings of selfless love as our banner of victory and not ourselves.

So true love is a very rare, transformative and boundless gift that surpasses all other gifts but it is a gift we can choose.

I wish you boundless love.

Article by: Douwe Boschma

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