We can’t say the unsayable and we can’t explain the inexplicable, but our own heart whispers to us what can’t be told. We only need to learn to listen to our hearts.

The Now is a steady presence in our hearts that we can learn know as we learn to be present.

The Now keeps itself invisible for us when our minds repeat future and past events. But the Now will show itself when we step over all our personal thoughts, concepts and ideas.

The Now comes without method or idea, but we are able to experience its mystery in the moment that is always Now. Just keep in heart that only the present moment counts.

The coming part is a dwelling place for the Now with short sentences. What is beyond words can be understood by our hearts. Our intellect cuts short in understanding the Now, but the deepest depth of our heart reflects into our mind when it falls silent in the Now.

With silence of the Now on our hearts and minds we continue.

Knowing the Now

  • The Now is a mystery.
  • The Now is eternal.
  • The Now is unlimited.
  • The Now is real.
  • The Now is simple.
  • The Now is undivided.
  • The Now is Love.
  • The Now is Peace
  • The Now is this moment.
  • The Now is awareness.
  • The Now is freedom.
  • The Now is before and after.
  • The Now is the middle.
  • The Now is nameless.
  • The Now is present in this present moment.
  • The Now is the same in you as in me.
  • The Now is in unison with Love and wisdom.
  • The Now is a harbour of Peace.
  • The Now opens all hearts.
  • The Now is past every thought.
  • The Now is past every idea.
  • The Now is past every concept.
  • The Now is past any feeling.
  • The Now is past causality.
  • The Now is present.
  • The Now is everywhere.
  • The Now is always available.
  • The Now is empty.
  • The Now is overflowing.
  • The Now is tranquil.
  • The Now is our refuge.
  • The Now is awaiting our surrender.

The intimate workings of the Now.

  • The Now is the “space” in which we comprehend.
  • The Now brings comfort of all sorrows.
  • The Now places Peace and Love in our hearts and minds.
  • The Now reconciles everything.
  • The Now makes us immovable.
  • The Now brings us acceptance.
  • The Now brings us surrender.
  • The Now makes our heart gentle.
  • The Now clears our minds.
  • The Now shows us Truth.
  • The Now brings us Peace.
  • The Now brings us Love.

Residents of the Now.

  • In the Now we are brought to Life.
  • In the Now we are surrendered.
  • In the Now we are undivided.
  • In the Now we are transparent.
  • In the Now we are in the middle.
  • In the Now we are neutral.
  • In the Now we are past causality.
  • In the Now our hearts are free from fears.
  • In the Now we accept.
  • In the Now we receive all answers.
  • In the Now everything is connected.
  • In the Now this world is our temple.
  • In the Now every action is a service.
  • In the Now we are united.
  • In the Now we act in harmony
  • In the Now we stand in silence.
  • In the Now we stand in Peace.
  • In the Now we are immortal.
  • In the Now we are siblings.
  • In the Now we bring Peace.
  • In the Now we bring Love.
  • In the Now we bring wisdom.
  • In the Now we heal.
  • In the Now we are healed.
  • In the Now we bow.


There are no words that can describe the silent presence “shown” by the Now. In the Now all questions find answers when we stop asking, but start relying on the Now and the almighty power in it.

So it is a good practice to place all thoughts on hold and forget ourselves by being silently present in the Now.

Our heads won’t know but our hearts will show the mystery of the Now.

The mystery is ours to reap.


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