This is an article about your head (mind) and heart (soul), how they correlate and how they can find balance quite easily. It tries to show you a secret passage that is right in front of your noses.

If that secret appeals to you, then just start reading to see if this micro-splinter of gnostic knowledge catches on. It doesn’t have to of course, it’s just one of the many micro-splinters around.


Silencing your mind like a Gnostic


Silence is a state of no thought. It is a state of being that knows no resistance, because it knows, that everything is equal to it (the silence). But how to come to that state of non-resistance while there is so much resisting? We will have to understand what our noise is made of before we can enter that precious silence.


When we observe the mind, then we may find that it is like we have a radio channel playing in our head. Our personal host seems to be delving deep in biassed opinions and tainted conclusions on which new biased opinions and conclusions are formed. Our mind is usually not so silent as we wished it was. 

Most of our programs play dramas, usually with fears, discontentment, sadness and despair as the main segment. Usually these come with growing confusions that sometimes even violently erupt in anger.

And during the commercial breaks we find some short lived relief by fantasising about all the objects of our deepest desires. 

Of course it doesn’t need to be so grim, maybe you just have a chatty mind that just talks a lot of nonsense, which can be a nuisance in silencing, but still, anyone could ask themselves: “What show am I on right now?”, ” What am I broadcasting?”, “What is my noise made of?”, “what am I thinking?” (instead of thinking afterwards the usual: “what was I thinking?”)

Our mind the talker

“Going around and getting nowhere.” Drawing by MC Escher.

This channel is of course the ego. It tends to talk a lot! 

When happy and content, it talks about “what ever”, and when something is going on then our minds tend to have an endless stream of questions to which there is an equal stream of no answers. Every answer raises in such cases new questions that again raise new ones. This is much like a dragon biting it’s own tail, until the host starts to ask questions:: “Isn’t there anything that’s true and real?”, “Is every thought I have not per definition an illusion?”, “Who am I ?”and “What is the point?“ Those are essential questions that push us, by a call from the soul, on a different journey.

The “bomb”

That our mind is chatty and on repeat is not something we can fight with our mind. After trying it a lot, we will find that we are totally incapable where it comes down to: “figuring ourselves out”. 

We can try to get a grip on everything by repeating the same programs, but we will never succeed to see ourselves for who we really are. So we will have to come with much bigger artillery, which is one hell of a “bomb”, called: “Love”. 

What if we could break that spell of the thoughts and switch to another channel? If you would could pick any, would it then be “Drama and confusion?” or “Love, harmony and clear insights?”

Our buttons

To change the channel seems hard, but you already have the buttons within reach. It’s so simple that we tend to forget where those are. But, you can change the channel you are on, by looking where Love and Gratitude are filling the air. That can be the love and gratitude for a child, for an old person, or the love and gratitude for a friend, a parent, or for an animal or nature. Just look where it is that “love fulfils you with gratitude” and make that a place to be in. It is always Love that brings the simplest of joys and that comes with the most carefully taken decisions. There is a lot to learn from love. And that is the simple love that you already know where to find in your life. If we follow that love then that naturally leads us towards “naturally understanding and forgiving our personal antagonists” too.

Our unconditional love (where we find it) is a remnant of God within us, and it speaks, no matter how fragmented we are, and we are all able to follow it! 

Making it real

In practicing that love from the heart in real situations, with family, real friends and also all our often very real antagonists, helps us to break that perpetuation of thoughts. We tune in on a channel that is looking for peace and joy rather than conflicts and drama. 

There might be two channels playing for a while. That is when the dragon is desperately trying to bite its tail over and over again.

Channel Ego tends to broadcast: “Why this?”, “How that?”, “Why me?” While Soul Channel broadcasts a continuous solution: “Look, the sun shines, let’s go outside!”, or “OMG, my partner look at his or her eyes!”, or “O, my beautiful child.” or: “………” fill in the blank for yourself.

Looking where our love is, makes it real, and it can reveal to us what a powerful mystery love is. 

Making easy what seems hard

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast… It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not quick to anger, it keeps no record of wrongs…” 1 Corinthians 13:5

By simply looking where you find your love and joy, and picking that, you become accustomed to changing the channel to the one that broadcasts that simple Love and harmony that is there. You will find that love is the same in everyone and everything at all times at the same time. It just needs to be triggered by looking for it, and kept alive by staying in it.

When your heart is fulfilled with that joy that comes out of love, then you are existing in the present moment. You aren’t thinking about your drama, those will resolve themselves when the time comes. You are not thinking, reflecting, imagining or even observing yourself, but you are simply free and enjoying while you are radiant and full with being in that harmony of love. 

From that part of you that knows gratitude and love, you start to put your mind to rest, so that it can find the space to reflect on things that are more wholesome than on the dramas that we all have.

Our channels

To understand the mind we could take a look at some of its main automatic capacities. Those are to: “think, reflect, observe, imagine and remember“. What it does with these capacities depends on the channel. And we are all tuned into a channel or several channels at the same time. Looking from this angle you might get a sense of which channels are talking. 

Channel 1 – Ego Channel

On the ego channel:

Reflecting equals: Reflecting on problems.
Observation equals: Observing problems.
Imagination equals: Totally illusionary problems.
Memory equals: Remembering all sorts of bad stuff.
Thinking equals: All the above.

If we smarten up, and start to ask ourselves questions with open hearts and minds, then we start noticing our real Soul channel. On this channel we start follow the love, truth and righteousness that we already posess. So we already have that button to change our channels, we only need to push it. If we look for love and truth, then the soul-station starts broadcasting stronger over time. Where that grateful love wants to take you? There you just follow it.

Channel 2 – Soul Channel

The capacities of the mind are differently utilised on the soul channel, because we are powered by love, equality, freedom, care and (not to forget) honesty, because those are what we need. We can also see that others have the same needs as us. So when we try to see the real needs in others, in all situations, then the channel changes and the mind starts to show a very different behaviour.

Reflecting equals: Truthfully reflecting on insights and durable solutions.
Observation equals: Truthfully looking at everything for insight and durable solutions.
Imagination equals: Imagining the most honest and durable solutions.
Memory equals: Looking truthfully at patterns from the past for insights and real durable solutions now.
Thinking: Thinking moves like a mercury through all the above, while it is looking in them for the purest insights and the most durable solutions.

And all of them are out of the love we have in our heart. This is the love that already knows what is true and right, and it finds itself in the centre of our whole being, and through our centre, we find the centre of the whole of creation which is God.

When that love has become our basis, then we have gotten tuned in on a totally different channel, which is the one of the Holy Spirit. 

Channel 2 – Channel HS

When the Holy Spirit is transmitting then: 

Reflecting equals: Witnessing Gods image in everyone and everything and raising them to God.
Observation equals: Seeing what is All Good and out of God and what not.
Imagination equals: “A blank canvas”, on which the answers to every question about life, death and soul show.
Memory equals: The memory of the whole universe with all it’s secrets.
Thinking equals: Bringing Gods harmony back into matter, so that matter is brought back to God.

Ultimately, all these capacities become one and the same under the Holy Spirit. “Reflection, Observation, Imagination, Memory and Thinking” become one and the same unfragmented thing. And in that Spirit we find our silence.

We can also “know” and “remember” by the way. But what we know and remember depends entirely on the channel we are tuned into. We can only know what we remember, and what we remember depends only to the coloured glass we are looking through. So we will remember differently, depending the ego, the soul and the spirit channels… But back to love…

Being alive

Where love spontaneously and mindfully communicates from your heart, there we feel alive. You talk with a friend or partner and feel something deeper stirring, and that is love, compassion, harmony and sometimes bliss. This can also be found in nature, architecture, art, science, when we observe the fantastic masterworks of God. It is awe inspiring when we witnesses the harmony and magnitude of that love that is out of God Who is the centre of all creation. «God is the bomb». God is explosive with Love, and the whole of creation is in harmony with His love, and what’s more, we have That harmoniser within us. That harmony of Love is closer than our hands and feet, it is even closer than our hearts, but it can take over our hearts so that they can be part of that harmony that is out of Love.

There lies a treasure hidden in that “real connection”, that makes everything feel so Alive. It is one that’s sung about by troubadours, talked about by the Gnostics, and it is abundantly transmitted in the universal mystery teachings of all times, all outlining this same universal path with images that were suitable for their own time. 

The biggest secret

“It is love that shows us the opening.” Drawing by William Blake.

When you meet anyone or anything from your heart, then you will meet a heart that is also meeting you. Heart meets heart. And where that heart speaks in that nearness, in that meeting place, then it is the Christ that speaks within both of you. Being in such a simple nearness, awakens a different awareness between you both, or in the group you are part of. It brings about a friendship and a care in a natural ease in which you forget yourself. It is the same Christ that Jesus spoke about when he spread his message about selfless love for all creatures. The whole New Testament testifies of that care and compassion that is already within your hearts as the living Christ. Your heart goes out to those people you love right? You want to take the best care of them. You would give your life for their wellbeing, and that is the selfless love than we can find in those examples of our lives.

You can’t see Christ with your outer or inner eyes. But Christ is present like that deeper impulse that can be known when our heart is present out of selfless love. Our mind will follow, and bring that silence. 

So what we can do to change those channels is to practice Love. A good place start is: Trying to find it in people that you harmonise with. And when it is clear enough for you what love really is and does, that you also try to find it in those people that you don’t naturally harmonise with. 

When we have our worries and problems, then we can contemplate on solutions that are mild, willing and caring. You’ll notice that you have to take a step back to give space so that we can find those solutions. And every step back is a victory over our ego that otherwise doesn’t easily let go of its prey.

We are all have been wounded by ego’s. But that Love opens and heals the heart of both victim and perpetrator, by bringing a harmony and silence, which is out of the peace that comes from love.


“Let’s transition from the square of the world to the circle of eternity”. L’Uomo Vitruviano, by da Vinci.

So we have three channels. The ego, the soul and the spirit. 

The ego wants everything for itself and is mainly possessed by its mental and physical possessions. This radio station does a lot of “idea recycling”. 

The soul wants love and harmony and knows that it’s found in that “Spirit of Love that brings Life”. Soul station comes with lots of educative programs.

The spirit is giving the soul everything it needs. This station broadcasts the harmony of Love and Peace over all creatures and it is heard from far, but only not by all ears.

We can change channels to the soul by looking for Love. Not love as a possession, but where love already is from our selfless and loving heart. And we can change channels to the spirit by standing fully in that love that enables us to let go of anything that doesn’t shine out of that Eternal Love.


How often does your mind find a moment of silence, reflecting and observing instead of creating or repeating programs? “Reflecting and realising in all truthfulness”, makes you see what channel you are tuned into. It also shows what it takes to change the channels. It understands that what it takes is that: “One Love, from which all truth always comes, and in which the Christ is always present”. And that Christ is already present within our own lives. He only needs to be reanimated or kept alive by giving Him our oxygen instead of supplying it to our ego.

Let’s meet each other in that Love, so that that Love may ignite further and become so atmospheric that all creatures will find their guidance and harmony in it.

Feel free to leave a comment or to contact me privately.

Oh, and last but not least, to illustrate it all 😉 :

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