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You are probably familiar with those moments in which something seems to be in tune with some unknown and unseen force. A moment that seems to be part of a harmony that is beyond your understanding. You think of someone and the telephone rings or you meet him or her on the road on your way home. You pick up an unmarked book in a second hand store and it is precisely on that subject you have been thinking about. You think of a song and you hear it on the radio. You hear someone talk about a subject that you just thought about. You are completely down on money and suddenly there is money on your account again.

It may also happen that you think about or do something that synchronizes with a happening in the near or distant the future so that its significance will become obvious later. This is called acausal synchrony.

On the blog of I found an article that illustrates an incident of a acausal synchronicity beautifully.

“Look Both Ways”

A woman named Annabelle dreams of a beautiful angel who says, “always look both ways before you cross the road.”

The next morning Annabelle is rushing to her bus stop, about to cross a busy intersection. She judges the traffic velocities, all set to dash across the road.

Seeing an opening in the oncoming traffic, Annabelle begins to run for it. Suddenly the angel of her dream vividly comes to mind and she stops on the centre line. A speeding car whizzes by, as if from nowhere. Had Annabelle not stopped at the centre line she would have been killed.

I very recently found out that it is also possible to experience a form of synchronicity that harmonizes with other people’s lives and then in such a way that events, interests, live-experiences, personal development and insights seem to roll out at the same speed and on the same plan as someone else’s. This together with a number of recent causal and acausal synchronicity events have put me in my observation-seat regarding this interesting topic.

We need to take a look at the soul in order to see how synchronicity (and also a number of other things) work.

Your Soul

The innermost natural part of yourself is your soul. You might also call it the ultimate you-ness. Usually you notice that part strongest at moments when you “just are” and without any thoughts. You could say that you are in the flow of things, in a natural movement that the Taoists call “Wu Wei”, “non-action”, which you can also experience in while you are doing things.

When you are in such a state of non-action for a moment, then your soul is the one in control and you live and breathe from within and react naturally and in harmony to all that happens without. Your ego is somewhere else and so are your emotions and your will. They are in a dormant state while you are in a state of a very solid and grounded fullness and one-ness of being. That is your soul who is by itself without any effort and that only can be experienced and expressed by itself without any effort

World Soul

Just as you have a soul there is also a world-soul and this world-soul and your soul are in the most complete and intimate harmony with each other. Just like all of us are connected trough our souls trough a complete and intimate harmony. In the soul we are not identical to each other, as many seem to think, but we are in harmony and in concord. Our talents and particular traits, as they sprout from the soul, are in tune with the traits and talents of other souls, creating one great harmony together.

The world-soul calls out to us continuously, it tries to push us to our most intimate natural state of being, it tries to lead us to our soul. The world-soul tries to make us harmonize and resonate with itself. It does so by hunches and pointers of different forms and one of those forms is synchronicity.

Gottfried Leibniz states this connection very nicely in his book “Monadology” where he tells us that: The soul, body and all of creation exist in a “pre-established harmony.” We only need to re-establish that harmony if we want to find peace, purpose and satisfaction in our lives. So this connection with the world-soul breaks and makes us. It hurts and heals us, until we have re-established this pre-established harmony.

Synchronicity the harmonizer

What seems to happen when synchronic events occur to us is that we are for a moment in harmony with the world soul. That what happens outside of us suddenly seems to happen within us and the other way around in a synchronic event or in a series of synchronic events.

I don’t think that it is too bold to state that the more you experience synchronicity the more you are in tune with your soul and that you are in the process of letting your emotional roller coasters and self-centeredness go.

All of us are conditioned to by past experiences and are lived by our fears and desires, so it is good to know that they stand in the way of experiencing that total harmony with our soul. We have burned our selves so often that we cramp up and close our selves off at once in order to protect ourselves from further painful experiences. It is a logical reaction but as we close off to experiencing life we also close off towards the experience of the soul. So that is a dynamic we in fact need to break free from. We need to be open up and feel pain and joy and all that happens to us instead of closing off and hiding. We need to try to grab and stand in that harmony of soul-synchronicity so that it is able to lift us out of our imprisonment.

So we need to keep on working on our selves trying to connect to the moment, free from opinions, thoughts, wishes, in order to be wholly natural. And from that synchronistic events will become more and more discernible and even lead towards much more.

Something else that is connected to this synchronicity (because your soul is in complete harmony with the world-soul) is the ability of precognitions because there is a natural course in all things that can be seen and felt from that harmony of being. That what once was an inkling or a momentarily experience of synchronicity has become a state of being.


It is not your head that should do the thinking but your heart. It should not be your emotions and fears leading you but your soul, the strongest, innermost most beautiful and natural part of you. Because you are soul. You are complete but not fully open as long as you are clothing yourself in your rags made of desires and fears.

Synchronic events can wake you up for a moment, They can make you feel how all is connected in some unspeakable and hidden fashion until your soul is free to move, free to speak and free to feel without any hindrances. From that moment on synchronicity will be just be part of your daily life because you are being part of the great stream of the world soul in which things happen in a flow of unity. Busses will stop just as you arrive at the buss-stop. You will meet people that matter and that stimulate you and flow with you. You will find those books that matter. All that is essential to you will come naturally in the great flow of things every day and even every moment of the day, making you take part in the completeness of everything. You will also feel ultimately cared for because you are.

by Douwe Boschma.

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