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We lie and cheat and withhold the truth basically because we want to be accepted. When we don’t feel accepted then we apply dishonesty in order to feel acceptance.

If we wish to be honest and cultivate honesty around us then we first of all need to accept our own ways and flaws. A lot of our own traits that we see as our flaws are nothing more than personal judgments based on insecurities. We need to deal with those so we can be truthful towards others.

We lie most to those that we love most. And care the least about what others think of us if we don’t know them or care about them. So even though lying is a sign of love it’s a negative one. A lie needs to be perpetuated by a new lie and will eventually rather break trust and acceptance than build it.

When we are accepting of our own ways then we will notice that we simultaneously become more accepting of those of others because we see that others are neither much better than we are. We see them without our cloudy filter of personal judgments. Our judgements say nothing about the other person namely, while they tend to say everything about ourselves.

So what you will observe is that the more accepting  you are towards others, the more open others feel they can be with you. They feel accepted and on that acceptance and honesty you can build a relationship of trust. Trust only comes through transparency namely.

This is a simple fact.

Another fact is that we can cultivate honesty in ourselves by observing and accepting ourselves as neutrally as possible. Like this we notice over time that we are becoming more open and less fearless where it comes to judgements. Your openness will invoke honesty in others witch whom you can be honest in return, building beautiful transparent relationships that are founded on total acceptance (so much so that you also accept your differences) and on trust.

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