Everything has its vibration and is vibrating at its own frequency. 

If we are in a certain country, landscape, house or situation or if we meet someone, then that particular frequency that we meet will either harmonise perfectly with ours, or it does so partially, or it doesn’t harmonise with ours at all.

Some foods have a frequency that seem to resonate well with us, just as some hobbies, sports and interests seem to do the same. Everything is in alliance with a particular type and has a particular vibrational constitution, that either harmonises or disharmonises with something or someone else.

Three types

There seem to be three main ways of reacting to frequencies, constituting three types of people.

Some of us seem to be extremely sensitive to other people’s frequencies because of an acute awareness of their own. These people often thrive being in solitude because in their solitude they are able to remain in their own frequency. They usually only connect deeply to a few very specific individuals that seem to resonate very well with their own specific frequency.

Others seem to enjoy the feeling of vibrating along with just anything or anyone, because they don’t seem to identify that strongly with their own frequency as the first type that I’ve mentioned. These types of people seem to identify very easily with groups and with individuals belonging to those groups. So they usually connect very easily but may also react very strongly to groups and people who don’t harmonise that well with them.

Another type seems to be searching for their own frequency in others. They tend to switch around a lot between groups and interests and friends and lovers, looking for a frequency that harmonises with them in order to become more familiar with their own identity. This type tends to have an attraction to the first type and seems to mimic the first ones by riding along on their frequency for a while.


Observing ourselves and anything around us from the perspective of frequency may explain a lot. This perspective will make  it easier for us to explore things like: “Why do we agree so well with some people, while we do so badly with others?” or “Why do we like this place or country or music and not that one so much?”, “Which kind of interaction works for us and what kind not?”.

Meeting someone who shares much of the same frequency with you is always a unique and beautiful experience. Such a meeting amplifies your own frequency, giving you a stronger sense of self. This amplification makes you see yourself more clearly who you are, while you are getting to know the other individual better trough the same process. You may feel instantly as if you always knew this other person. There is almost no introduction needed, which is a thing of beauty in itself. You are able to just resonate and harmonise beautifully with such people.

In the same way we also meet people with whom we seem to share no frequency at all. We say that they are on a different wavelength, and in fact they are. We can talk to them of course, but truly bonding on a personal level with them will never happen, unless our frequency changes very radically or theirs does!

The unifying frequency

Trough this entire field of frequencies that bump, jump, clash and harmonise there is also a frequency that we all share, and this is the frequency of love.

The behaviour of some people, that comes forth from their frequency, may disturb us deeply. We often choose to avoid those people, but in many cases we simply can’t escape. In such cases we can try to find out what they love and how they love and we can try to connect with the beauty of that. Also seeing their positive sides will help you harmonise with those people because no one is without any positive sides and usually their positive sides have something to do again with something that they love. Seeing what they love and how they love and keeping your mind fixed on that seems to have the unique ability to push past the dissonant confrontation of personal frequencies, because it simply is much more powerful than our own frequency because the frequency of love is a universal and harmonising one.

After the right kind of focus on it this frequency seems to work by itself by transcending all those personal frequencies in the most harmonious and spontaneous way. This is the beauty and the power of love.

A proposition

There is something that I wish to propose to you all. Next time you feel doubt, fear, hate, or feel disturbed by some person coming onto your personal path, try not to be fed by those inclinations, but rather try to look past them instead. Try to find the positive sides of the other rather than their negative ones, and try to see what they love, why they love and how they love because their feelings of love and beauty and enthusiasm are exactly like yours. Maybe the reasons for those sensations are different from yours, but still their outcome, which is love, resonates completely with you. So try to open yourself to this other person, be it your father, mother, lover, ex lover, sister, brother, acquaintance or just someone you meet somewhere. Try to see them without any kind of bias, by embracing that part of them that is made out of their love. Embrace how they love their kids, their hobbies or just simply love how they are. Find their beauty rather than the disagreement that you may feel.

Of course when you’re in a conflict it can be hard to find this kind of love, but when you’re trying (even without succeeding at once) then this will bring out a gradual shift of consciousness in yourself in which you stop being focussed on the conflict while you start to look for a solution. And that is an enormous step forward.

The harmony killer for lovers

It is also very easy to fall in love with someone who we feel a strong harmony of frequencies with, but all too often some flip-side seems to come in play. The harmony can namely easily become disturbed by irrational personal doubts and fears called up by some past conditioning. It is truly a pity when those arise, because those always seem to have one and the same result, closing you off from that amazing stream and frequency that you seemed to have before. As soon as you start to follow the disharmony of your doubts and fears rather than the harmony of love, than that beautiful passionate and personal connection that was there before starts to wither. It loses its vibrant vitality and energising capacity, slowly killing the harmony and beauty between you both. All of this happens through that sad and personal prison built by irrational fears and doubts.

In this process of disturbing that harmonising frequency with doubts and fear we start to focus on that what we think is wrong with the other. We start to look for it and feel stupid that we didn’t see that before and we are even happy that we see it better now! That’s why so many people give off on their ex, while once they talked of them as if they were true demigods. This usually saddens me a lot, because there is so much disturbance called up by irrationalities destroying that harmony that once was. Those bitter doubts and fears even tend to turn into a self-fulfilling prophesy, because you are creating a dissonant from a harmony, so that dissonant does of course have the same properties as the harmony does, but then deformed into a disharmony.

So irrational and conditioned fears and doubts are the greatest disturber of our harmony with an other frequency/person while love is the greatest healer and unifier that is to be found.

A proposition for lovers

When you are in love with someone then you have that fantastic ability to vibrate personally on the level of pure flowing refreshing and replenishing waves of love. There is nothing more quickening and energising. Your being is being lifted up. Your frequency amplifies. You find yourself trough the other, you find yourself in the other in a unique exchange of energies.

But when trouble comes on the way in the form of doubt and fear, then try to catch those by observing them and try to leave those behind, because with this other unique person you also receive the unique ability to develop yourself while the other person will have the same unique ability together with you. This will only work if you both keep the pathway of love open, destroying your personal doubts and fears that undoubtedly will come up trough love. It will teach you how to love not only personally also universally. You will learn what that powerful force love is and how it can heal any situation by energising that situation not with a personal frequency of doubt and fear but by lifting it over those into a liberating and free frequency that transcends any form of doubt and fear.

Love and hate

Love is always stronger than hate. I am also very convinced that love will triumph in this world one day because love is universal whereas hate is situational. We all have felt love. Love for a kid, for a person of any age or gender, for a painting, for a landscape, for something else you have experienced whilst being in total awe, or you have felt that amazing energy of love by just being together with a person or group of people.

We are usually looking for love and not for hate. Hate is not an opposite of love! That’s such a big misconception! Hate is something that happens to us trough circumstances. We are not specifically looking for hate unless we are so disturbed by our fears, that the love for anything and the wish for beauty simply turns dead in us. Hate is a very powerful sentiment just as love is. And hate tries to overthrow love, disharmonise it, but it will never be the final winner because of one big difference: “Hate is always personal while love is truly universal. Hate is always situational while love again is truly universal.”

The frequency of everything

The frequency of love heals, quickens, balances and energises our personal frequencies and makes them flow freely because its vibration rises far beyond our personal ones. So when you feel hate or doubt or fear or some other disturbance of the personal harmony between you and someone else, try to look at the harmony rather then at the disharmony, try to dissolve it by love alone. And when you feel love or feel in love? Try to keep that love moving between you two. Do you feel a personal connection? Please use the love to purify that connection again each day. Try to dissolve your doubts, fears and also your personal resistance to any confrontation with any other person with love and through love. Because there is no more powerful path than that of love in any form of relationship, because it creates a harmony connecting you on different, if not on all levels. Just don’t stand it in the way!


Dissolve your conflicts rather with love than with arguments and reasonings, because those always turn into a dead-end. That’s the beauty of it. Love can really always win. The only thing that you need to do is to give it more space than you give to anything else.

That is true love for you!

by Douwe Boschma.

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