On some days the winds of our lives seem to blow strongly against us, while on some other days those winds seem more favorable to us, bringing us simple beauty accompanied by a warm gush of gratitude.

With some people and in some moments it’s easy to feel grateful. With those people and in those moments everything seems simple, full and light, like it is carried in a harmony of beauty that exists on its own. The situations may change but the “grace of beauty” and gratuity always stay the same.

Being beyond separation

In those moments that we are fully grateful, our hearts are fully open, vibrating in the moment that it is in harmony with. In a moment like that we don’t resist anything, while we harmonise in the beauty that we witnes without from within. This brings “without and within” together, showing us thatwhen we are in gratitude that we are beyond separation…

If I am grateful for you, and you are grateful for me, then our hearts meet in a very specific “tone” and that is the “heartbeat” that surrounds us all. And when you are looking for gratitude in others then you are inviting those other hearts to meet in the space where our hearts already burn as flames of the same fire.

This turns gratitude a gateway to peace, by inviting every heart to peace wherever we are.

The gratitude killer

There has to be one of course.

When we feel or recognise the truth of the above, then we are probably aware of the fact that we might not at all be that grateful. For that there is only one main reason. We criticise. 

Our inclination to criticise is often more prominently present than looking at the same theme from the standpoint of gratuity. We tend to lose ourselves in what we dislike instead of what we appreciate, fuelling our motor of criticism that always takes all space with its repetitive movement and noise.

It is clear that criticism always tries to overdrive gratitude, but there is a secret power that you have over that criticism and that is gratitude. If those two go into battle, then gratitude will claim the final victory. We can always choose criticism or gratitude. 

Gratitude can heal in exactly the same places where criticism destroys, which is basically everywhere. So it really doesn’t matter where we are, we can practice gratitude where ever we are. We can be grateful for what we witness, for what we do, for anything. When we find that gratitude then we are out of a beauty and care that is present in the most natural way, leading us out of even the most critical situations.

There are two currents.

There is the current of gratitude, which is the current of love, of light, of silence, of unity, of god. And there is the current of criticism. The current of our personal god that separates us by the fires of illusion and conflict.

We don’t need much self observation to see which one plays the largest role in our lives. And again we can choose the strong confusing current that never manages to bring any answer, or is it the current that flows without any resistance, always bringing harmony and harmonious answers?

These are two “mythological” streams within us, and only one of those two currents can be the mayor driving force of your life. When we are in the one stream then we move against the force of life, while we move along with it in the other current.

Every word and choice that arises from criticism is going against the current of harmonious life. Every word and choice that arrises from appreciation brings harmony and peace. Breaking through our hardened criticism by the strength of what is beautiful and to be appreciated, is a careful opening of the floodgates of that harmonising current that removes hate and separation from our existence (by process). 

So by looking for what we are grateful for in our own lives, where it is easy and where it is harder, is our current changer.

Breaking resistances

When we only keep an eye out for where gratitude is found, accepting the rest as the rubble of life, then we dissolve all resistances that carry criticism which also dissolves the criticisms against us. 

Our gratitude, devoid of criticism, always evokes the same non-criticising gratitude attitude in others. In gratitude we know no resistance. It is a secret solvent of every resistance. We only have to find it in ourselves to be able to apply it.

Original harmony

Let’s have an eye out for what we are most grateful for, seeing the rest through our fingers. There is a power and harmony coming from that. A harmony that is out of peace, out of love. A harmonious and harmonising power that is the expressed by the life force that is at the root of all creation. It is in that source that we meet in the peace of our original form. So let’s not judge. let’s not criticise. Let us meet.

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