Our life resembles a river that carries lots of debris in its undercurrent.
When we try to hold on to the debris (of our own and others creations) then we’ll struggle and sink like a downing man.

If we instead let go of the debris and surrender to the pure waters of Life, then we’ll drift upward until we’ll start swimming towards the oxygen rich air and radiance of Light.

This revitalising river is also known as the Jordan, or the Nile with her counterpart of stars. It’s for ever around us and in us. Its transcendental waters always seek to replenishes us until our last nerve has been revived. But it will only flow to those spaces where our debris of “back then” are given up for the “eternal now”.

The tighter we grip, the deeper we sink for harder lessons. Every part that we surrender in us, even the smallest part, brings us more in tune with the radiant flow of the river of Life.



Image from pxhere

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