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We are connected to the universal creative force through mediation of our soul. By expression through our soul we create harmony within existence. We are able to heal ourselves and others by the pure expression of heart.

This expression is the essence of many scriptures, buddhist texts, poetry, paintings, music and art in general. Many of those are pure creative expressions and are not meant to be understood and analysed by the mind but to be experienced and understood directly by the heart.

True beauty is without form. It is formless like a landscape painted without paint, or it is as a song sung without a voice. It is sung and seen from the heart in an outpouring, without any other goal or purpose but being a floodgate of pure expression. True beauty comes from movement without movement. An emptiness which is wholeness and clear-minded-freedom.

This creative fire is also what we experience when we feel love or when we are in love, because love is a free outpouring of pure, all accepting formless expression. And when this love is received and returned by thankfulness then this love can be perpetuated like a healing and enlightening power because expression and reception are in a perfect motion of circulation. If there is however no reception because one of the two receptive sides is stalled for some reason or another, then the expression comes to a frustrating halt, from which disorder and disharmony will result rather than order and harmony.

Love withers and dies if one of the parties has no thankfulness, full acceptance and receptiveness and care. This counts on all levels. On the level of the soul one might say that one of both or none of both might not have been ready for the kind of relationship that is based on a tantric circulation of expressive and creative energy pouring out from the soul. This energy has of such an immense power that it will either lead to personal transformation by breaking up old conditionings that stand in its way, or it will result in breaking up the relationship because of the inability of letting go for the sake of this energy.

yab-yum-FW95_l-1-210x300In tantric art one often finds the image of an intimately embraced pair (Yab
Yum). Often the male is holding an arrow, pen, flaming sword or thunderbolt to represent the expression, the outpouring, and the female a cup or a bell or shell to represent the impression or the receiving of the pure energy that is poured out.

This pair is frontally connected in an intimate embrace. They are connected with each other in perfect unity by their reproductive organs, by their breath going in and out from and to each other’s mouths, and through the positive (male) and negative (female) charged skin. This pair is expressing the purest state of being. The state of mind in which expression and reception are an effective unity, something that we can also experience sexually. 

Sexuality can be so pure, harmonious, intuitive and creative, that it creates a sphere of expressive and receptive harmony that connects both partners within the deepest depths of their souls where they become unified. Without such an element, sexuality in itself can become such a disappointment for those who seek the purest expression and impression, that it is often left alone.

We don’t need to be a skilled artist to stand in this stream of creative energy. The only thing we need to be is Human, and very humbly so. Giving where we can through love and kindness. Also from that an inspiration can sprout from within for as long your mind is not obstructing by perpetuated thought processes. 

Thinking, worrying and fearing are greatest enemies of this pure clear stream of creative power that only seeks to roll out on the shores of a soul to leave behind an impression from its splendour showing the way home to its source.

So the artist or seeker needs to work hard and observe himself with diligence to break beyond his personal limits in order to come into an expressive flow. He needs to put himself aside for it as he knows that the pure expressive power is greater than he himself. Likewise we need to put aside our judgments, hatred and fears in order to be able to express and to love without any limits.

Free from desires and fears one serves this creative power alone which will yield results that reach far beyond the personal abilities. The result will be expressing the holy spirit that is beyond duality. It will seep through the strokes of paint and shine trough the gaps between the words.  This very same pure creative energy will also be able to heal any illness because the cause of any illness is in all cases the result of blockage of the pure radiant creative energy.

Try to express and receive the expression given, because there is no greater gift that you can give to the expresser than to be receiving. 

Don’t think but “sing”, understand not by your mind but by the impression that something leaves on your heart because your heart will always know what is true and right, and it will be cleansed and become more clear by doing so and it will be able to express as a song that never seizes to be sung.

by Douwe Boschma.

Images: Featured image, Painting by Douwe Boschma , Yab Yum image borrowed from Dolls of India

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