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Share your ideas through us

Interested in sharing your knowledge with other likeminded green thinking individuals? We’d love to have you! There are just a few requirements to ensure you’re a good fit for us and that this would be the right place to put the spotlight on your content.

You do so by sending the product of your creativity to:

A) Articles

If you are aiming to submit an article:

  1. Make sure to write an intro, a body and a conclusion.
  2. Subtitle your main point – then elaborate. 
  3. Ensure that it is between 500 to 800 words. 

B) Tutorials/tips

We love tutorials, but to make them reader-friendly we would like you to follow these few guidelines: 

  1. Make them straight-to-the-point and under 12 steps. 
  2. Include images where relevant. 
  3. Credit your image sources or link back to the original site where you got the images from. 

C) Showcases

We love pictures, so if you want to feature a sustainable or permaculture showcase of images or illustrations: 

  1. Send us your images to by 
  2. All images must be in the highest possible resolution. If they look awesome, that’s a plus but most importantly you will illustrate something.
  3. Write a short description and explanation.
  4. If you are sharing images that are not your own then please credit your image sources and link back to the page the image was taken from and make sure that you share with permission!